Autonomous Taxes for Startups

Prepare and file automated taxes

Your whole business is digital. Why is doing taxes still so analog? is bringing taxes into the modern age by harnessing data from the business apps you use everyday and doing your taxes automatically.
Prepare and file all of your taxes!
I hope at some point you can do this for all of our taxes.
If you could take the data we have, and I could just click 'file taxes', that's my dream scenario.
- Lukas Wagner, VP of Finance

Tell your taxes to go do themselves

Effortless prepares your taxes by putting all your data in all the right places on all the right forms, while generating all the right paperwork.


We’re taking tax screw-ups due to human error out of the equation with intelligent software that can root out mistakes. 


What was once a tedious time suck is now a simple, streamlined experience. Who wouldn’t want that?

R&D Tax Credits for Startups

Get an extra month of runway

To incentivize innovation and tech jobs in the US, Congress made the R&D Tax Credit. Complete yours in minutes using our tax automation software that was designed by a Big 4 and IRS veteran who prepared and audited hundreds of them.



of R&D Expenses

product, design & development, (and 6.5% back on contractors).

Takes Just



on average—then we do all the heavy lifting.

Our Fee is


of anticipated credit

half the price of most CPAs, including MainStreet.

Get the Cash You're Owed

We've Got Your Back

We stand by and guarantee our work...unless you like, make sh*t up

We Speak IRS

Our co-founder is a former IRS agent, and a CPA with 20 years of experience preparing and auditing R&D tax credits.

A Study in Precision

By reverse-engineering IRS audit techniques, we prepare a best-in-class documentation and workpapers to substantiate your startup's taxes. $1M Guarantee

Should the IRS have any questions, our R&D experts will help you prepare a response.

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Here's what customers say.

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“Our accountants fully agreed with everything the team had done and signed off on it without a hitch”

Nick Neumann
CEO, Casa
Got $186,000


"Working with was so much simpler, faster, and more cost effective than working with a traditional consulting company."

Bridget Vuong
CEO, Fuse Inventory
Got $40,000


"I was blown away by how easy was. This was an enormous pain last year, even with the well-known firm that our CPA recommended"

Zack Kanter
CEO, Stedi
Got $147,000

Meet our tax agents of change

Stanford PhD* in
Machine Learning
Firas Abuzaid
automating the brain
of a former IRS Agent
Stephen Yarborough
productized by a
‍formerIntuit PM
to make taxes