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Our co-founder is a former IRS agent, and a CPA with 20 years of experience preparing and auditing taxes and R&D tax credits.

A Study in Precision

By reverse-engineering IRS audit techniques, we prepare a best-in-class documentation and workpapers to substantiate your startup's taxes.

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Should the IRS have any questions, our tax experts will help you prepare a response.

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“I hope at some point you can do this for all of our taxes.
If you could take the data we have, and I could just click 'file taxes',
that's my dream scenario."

Lukas Wagner
VP of Finance, Pipe
Got $115,000


"The process was fast and easy.
The credit showed up in Gusto and was applied to our next payroll.
Just like that, one more month of burn!"

Nick Ionita
CEO, Flux
Got $97,000


"I was blown away by how easy neo.tax was. This was an enormous pain last year, even with the well-known firm that we used."

Zack Kanter
CEO, Stedi
Got $147,000

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are hesitating, do not worry - we are here to explain
everything you might want to know. Let us help!

But my startup isn't profitable...
Kal Freese Co-founder at Taika, received $17,000
Received $17,000 Credit
We're not profitable, so neo.tax was able to refund our payroll taxes! That really helped extend our runway.
How soon can I start getting money back?
Nick Ionita CEO of Flux, received $97,000
Received $97,000 Credit
The credit showed up in Gusto and was applied to our next payroll
What if I already have a CPA?
Simon Halpern COO of KubOS, received $39,000
Received $39,000 Credit
Neo.tax integrated smoothly with our existing CPA, making the entire experience seamless for everyone
What happens if I get audited?

We make sure your R&D Tax Credit is super kosher and transparent, so that even if the IRS disagrees with the amount of your credit, they won’t charge you penalties or interest, just the difference in calculation. Plus, we have a former IRS Agent pre-audit each one before filing.

How does this compare to other R&D Tax credit preparers out there?
Anonymous but very real customer
Received $XX,XXX Credit
...all the existing firms out are old school rent seekers who made me want to give the money to the IRS instead
Does neo.tax also prepare a study?

neo.tax prepares a study to substantiate the claim that your startup meets the eligibility criteria laid out in the IRS’s Four Part Test. The study is custom-made for your startup. Where appropriate, we use data from Jira, Notion, Github, Asana, Trello and whatever other tools you use to prepare an exhaustive and robust report that puts any doubt about your eligibility to rest.

Taxes for early-stage startups,
Stanford PhD in Machine Learning
automated by experts,
Former IRS agent, 20+ Year CPA
intuitively designed.
ex-Intuit Product Manager